Supernatural- Season 3

“The Yellow-Eyed demon is vanquished, but at a terrible price. The battle that brought him down released hundreds of demons from Hell into an unsuspecting world. And it cost Sam his life. But a grief-stricken Dean made a deal with the Crossroads Demon- his soul for Sam’s resurrection. Now Dean has just one year to live. One year to fight the unholy, the twisted, the ghoulish. One year to say farewell to Sam. And one year for Sam to search desperately for some way to save his brother. Mind-bending adventure awaits as the Winchester brothers continue their astonishing odyssey into the supernatural… and their personal odyssey into destiny.

Plot Rating: 5/5
While this season is significantly shorter than all others (only 16 episodes as opposed to the typical 22) it packs just as great a punch. As much as season 1 was a setup for season 2, season 3 is little more than a bridge leading in to the Season 4 and 5 story arc. Sam is fighting as hard as he can to save Dean from being dragged to hell, and Dean couldn’t be happier to finally end his life. Sam transforms himself into the tough brother, in case he has to live without Dean.

Katie Cassidy as the demon Ruby

Circling around Sam and Dean is Ruby, a demon who escaped when the gates of hell were opened. She doesn’t attack them, however, but rather does what she can to keep Sam and Dean alive in exchange for their help in hunting a new Queen Demon by the name of Lilith, the same demon who holds Dean’s contract.

Acting Score: 5/5
My favorite thing about Season 3 is the transformation of Padalecki’s Sam Winchester into a more aggressive brother. He still plays Mr. Sensitive, but with a harder edge. Jensen Ackles gets to play a more somber Dean, one who finally sees an end to the life he has come to hate. Don’t expect too much moody Dean though, upon learning that Demons are really humans who were put through the ringer in hell he becomes more driven than ever to find a way to save his soul.

Jim Beaver becomes more of a presence across season 3, and in my opinion that is where Bobby really takes over as a surrogate father to Sam and Dean.

Katie Cassidy joins the cast as the demon Ruby, and became a quick fan-favorite. She plays a snarky sidekick to the brothers, but is definitely not completely a good guy. Ruby may help them save a town, but not before trying to convince them to murder a few innocents to get the trick done.

Age Range: 13+
No significant sex scenes but language and horror continues it’s run in this season. As with all seasons of “Supernatural” I highly recommend parents preview the episodes before deciding if young children should watch.

Fun Trivia

Sam prepares to shoot the Crossroads Demon who refuses to cancel the contract on Dean's soul

In Episode 5, Bedtime Stories, Sam summons, and later shoots in the head, the Crossroads Demon. The actress who plays the Demon, Sandra McCoy, was Padalecki’s real-life girlfriend and fiance. The couple became engaged near the end of Season 3, but two months later announced they had decided to end their engagement and their relationship. Despite rumors that Padalecki ended the relationship to concentrate on acting, both insisted they simply realized they did not want the same things in life and separated amicably.

Bobby never really escaped Ruby. After filming Season 3 Jim Beaver began working on a new show called Harper’s Island (Filmed around the same time as Season 4). In that show he acted alongside Katie Cassidy, who was one of the stars.

Jensen Ackles clowns around with the "corpses" behind the scenes during the "Ghostfacers" episode

The Ghostfacers, introduced in Episode 13 which goes by the same name, became such a huge sensation among the fans that for a while the team filmed webisodes similar to their work in that episode.

As we see Sam and Dean’s relationship grow further and change in Season 3 the relationship between Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki also grew.  During the break between Season 3 and 4 Ackles found himself in need of a new place to live. Padalecki, who had bought a house a year before and found himself living alone after ending his relationship with McCoy, invited Ackles to move in. The two said they enjoyed living together, and their bodyguard and friend Cliff even came over often to grill or hang out. This did nothing to help the fan’s belief that Padalecki and Ackles were a secret couple (despite Padalecki’s only recently ended engagement and the fact that Ackles had a longtime girlfriend of his own).


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