Supernatural- Season 5

“Two brothers and one fallen angel- against all the might of Satan and his army! As the Apocalypse grows closer, threatening to turn Earth into a battlefield soaked with human blood, Sam, Dean and Castiel struggle against daunting odds. New foes arise, including the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Old friends depart, consumed by the fearsome wrath of Hell. Through it all, the Winchesters are targeted by demons and angels alike, who warn that each brother has a special and terrible role to play in the coming devastation.”

Plot Rating: 6/5
This season sees the culmination of all 5 before it. When “Supernatural” was initially pitched to the network they insisted they needed only five seasons to tell the story completely. Through the Writers Strike, poor viewership early on, and a change in network ownership they maintained this position, always asking for their five season run. As much as this season was intended to be the grand finale of the series the growing fan-base and ratings inspired the network to ask for at least two more seasons after the end of season 5.

Sam, Dean, Castiel, Ellen, Jo and Bobby take a "family photo" before going on a dangerous hunt

Season 5 is very much Part 2 of Season 4. It picks up exactly where 4 ended and continues on from there, with Sam and Dean forced to run and hide from Lucifer’s army as well as Heaven’s army, who prove equally dangerous to the pair. Dean finds himself having lost all faith and trust in Sam, and also as the only vessel for the archangel Michael to possess. Likewise Sam, who also has lost all faith and trust in himself, learns he is the one true vessel for Lucifer. If the brother’s say “yes” to the angels seeking to possess them one will kill the other and wipe out half the population of the planet in order to end the biblical war once and for all. Both are determined to find another way to stop Lucifer while he is still in a temporary vessel, one that is literally burning from the inside out trying to contain him.

Acting Score: 5/5
Jim Beaver, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins are phenomenal as ever. Each faces intense pressure from Heaven or Hell, and each seeks to escape their predetermined fate.

Bobby evidently wasn't bitter enough, as a demon attack in the beginning of Season 5 leaves him paralyzed and reliant on a wheel chair.

Mark Pellegrino joins the cast as Lucifer, and Mark Sheppard (the King of the Crossroads Demons) appears late in the season, then becomes a stronger character later on, just as Jim Beaver did as Bobby in seasons 1 and 2. Pellegrino plays Lucifer not as an outright evil character, but almost as a good guy. Ironically Lucifer shows himself as less of a bad guy than the angels. Sheppard brings the chic and velvety Crowley to the screen perfectly.

Age Rating: 13+
This season is a bit heavier on the gore, and strong on the language, but no passionate scenes. We saw the last of Man-Whore Dean in season 4, and Sam no longer has his girlfriend Ruby to push him to the dark side using sex as a tool. There is more drinking than before, but if you are not concerned with that then forget it. As always, watch the episodes if you are concerned about the content for younger audiences.

Fun Trivia

Episode 5, Fallen Idols, pokes fun at the movie House of Wax (starring Jared Padalecki). The plot is a spoof of the film and jokes and references are hidden all over in the episode (at one point Dean mentions that he has never seen the movie “House of Wax” and Sam gives him an annoyed look). To complete the spoof Paris Hilton was even brought in as a guest star, as she was in the movie opposite Padalecki. Jensen Ackles did not escape having fun poked at him either. Episode 14, while not taking anything from the plot, takes it’s title from Ackles’ thriller My Bloody Valentine.

Newlywed Jensen and Danneel Ackles with also-newlywed Jared and Genevive Padalecki

While Season 5 was airing Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki underwent tremendous changes to their personal lives: Jensen Ackles became engaged to long-time love Danneel Harris (who he met while producing Plight of the Clownana in 2004, remained close friends with, then began dating in 2007 when they co-starred in the movie Ten Inch Hero), and Jared Padalecki proposed to Genevive Cortese (who he met in Season 4 when she played Sam’s demonic lover Ruby). Jared Padalecki married Genevive Cortese in February 2010 with Jensen Ackles as one of his groomsmen, and Ackles married Harris in May with Padalecki as a groomsman.


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