Supernatural- Season 6

“The prize: ending the apocalypse. The price: Sam’s life. Season 5’s horrific finale left Dean alone, as Sam descended into Hell. Now a different man, Dean vows to stop hunting and devote himself to building a family with Lisa and her son Ben. Then, mysteriously, Sam reappears, drawing Dean back into hunting. But all is not as it seems: Sam is different. A soul-shaking discovery proves Dean’s supicions: this is Sam- but not all of him. As the brothers struggle to reunite, they must also battle deadly supernatural forces: Demons, angels, vampires, shape-shifters. And a terrifying new foe called the Mother of All.”

Plot Rating: 4/5
Season 6 has  a many overarching themes, perhaps too many. The first seven episodes are the mystery of what is wrong with Sam- he is darker, meaner, and tougher to the point where he is willing to torture children or risk Dean’s life just to meet his goals. Episodes 8-11 are about trying to fix Sam once the issue is discovered. 12-19 cover the rise of a new creature: the Mother of All Monsters (the original monster who created everything from Vampires to Ghouls to Shapeshifters). Over the entire season little clues are dropped to Sam and Dean that something is happening to Purgatory, where monsters go when they die, and the repeated line “it is about the souls”.

A year after Sam's death we find Dean domesticated: living with Season 3 flame Lisa and her son Ben, holding down an honest job and living the "Apple Pie Life".

Season 6 does not feel like a single season, but rather like at least 2 distinct seasons. A strong storyline does not exist connecting everything, and the intended theme of Purgatory and the souls only really comes out in the last three or four episodes. Also thrown over everything is the unseen blanket pressure of a civil war in Heaven which Castiel is trying to lead the losing side on. For as much as you see it though it seems little more than an excuse for Castiel to be PMSing every time you see him. There are certainly some brilliant episodes, including my personal favorites: Weekend at Bobby’s (Episode 4) and The French Mistake (Episode 15).

Acting Score: 6/5
Domesticated Dean pulled back into the world of the Hunters a year after his brother jumped into Lucifer’s cage. Dean is dragged from his girlfriend Lisa and her son Ben, whom he has come to love like his own child, and thrown back into the world of Hunters. The strain this puts on his relationship with Lisa (which becomes a sort of long-distance thing) and the issue with Sam first reappearing, then turning out to be some terrifying black-hearted Hunter puts intense stress on Dean, and Ackles shows this with incredible ease. He does not disappoint and his range is just as wide and strong as always. Padalecki, not to be outdone, does a tremendous job playing first the evil and dark Sam then, later on, the old Sam we have come to know and love. When he is, for all intents and purposes, playing two characters season wide you can’t help but be awed by the improvement in both leads from Season 1 (which they were both incredible in anyways).

Dean is stunned to not only find Sam, alive and back from hell, but also his grandfather Samuel, who died in the 1970s after being posessed by the Yellow-Eyed Demon.

New to this season is Mitch Pileggi, who first appeared in Season 4’s In the Beginning (episode 3) as Sam and Dean’s grandfather Samuel. Pileggi reprises his role as the mystery expands: Samuel was pulled out of Heaven and put on Earth around the same time Sam was pulled out of hell. Alongside Pileggi is Mark Sheppard, who reprises his season 5 character of Crowley, who is no longer the King of the Crossroads, but is now the King of Hell itself. Crowley is, as always, velvety smooth and wicked as ever, sometimes on Sam and Dean’s side, and sometimes against them. Also introduced is Sebastian Roche in the role of Castiel’s old friend Balthazar. He plays the angel not as a straight-shooter like previous depictions, but instead in an aged-rocker and more fun-loving style. Balthazar (and Sebastian Roche) quickly became a favorite among fans.

For the first time this season Misha Collins was promoted to the position of Series Regular, rather than a recurring guest star. Jim Beaver manages to hold up an entire episode centered not around Sam, Dean and Castiel, but instead around Bobby! He delivers an incredible performance (as always) and Bobby appears even more than he did in all other seasons.

Age Rating: 13+
The newer, darker Sam makes me wonder if I should up the rating a bit. There are only a couple short flashbacks to the beginnings of sex scenes, but the language is stronger. By now you know the drill though, I set the rating at a kind of conservative level, you chose what is right for your particular child.

Fun Trivia

Early on in the shooting for Season 6 Misha Collins became a father. His wife of 8 years, Victoria, gave birth to their first child- a boy they named West.

Episode 15, The French Mistake, gets it’s title from the song playing in the movie Blazing Saddles at the end when they break through the set (and thus the fourth wall) and continue their battle across the film studio. *I included this because I couldn’t find anywhere for the longest time what the episode title meant*

Dean feels awkward as a stunned Sam kisses Jared Padalecki's wife Genevive

The French Mistake is perhaps the most popular episode of “Supernatural” to date. The episode breaks the fourth wall when, to protect Sam (no longer dark and evil) and Dean from an angel attack, Balthazar (working on Castiel’s orders) flings the boys into an alternate universe where they are Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, actors on a show called “Supernatural” which portrays Sam and Dean’s lives. As you can probably expect they poke intense fun at themselves and the crew. Most surprising to Sam is when he is taken to Jared’s house and finds Ruby, or rather “Fake Ruby”, who is apparently named Genevive Padalecki and who his alternate self is married to!

One of the only real things in "The French Mistake" was Jared and Genevive Padalecki's wedding photo.

When writing The French Mistake the writers actually asked Ackes, Padalecki, and Collins if they would even be willing to do an episode that takes place in versions of their real lives. All three had the same reply: Yes, but only if you make as much fun of me as humanly possible. As a result Padalecki (who has a normal home) lives in a mansion with suits of armor, a tanning bed in a grand living room, Warhol-like pictures of him and Genevive on the walls (as well as a humongous one of him riding a horse in his computer room), and nearly unlimited funds. Ackles has a huge personal trailer complete with a toy helicopter, a three hundred gallon aquarium, a trophy wall, and videos of himself playing at all times in the background. Collins is, to say the least, is a douchbag, but less of one than he asked the writers to put him in as. He added some of his snippy elements himself, just to come across meaner, pushing assistants or calling them “little guy”.

Episode 3, Weekend at Bobby’s introduced a new director to the “Supernatural” family: Jensen Ackles! Since season 1 he has had a declared interest in directing and finally was presented with an episode to cut his teeth on. The writers gave him Episode 4 because it was very light in terms of appearances by Dean and Sam, thus allowing him to concentrate on directing. They also filmed the episode first so he could have the entire break to do what pre-production work he needed to do. The writers and producers said they were all impressed by his directing and he returned to the director’s seat in Season 7.

The Tweeters:
Jared Padalecki: @jarpad

Padalecki tweets often from the set, posting pictures of himself in episodes that are filming at the moment or posting funny self shots with such captions as “Episode 7×13: Sam gets electrocuted!”, he also posts funny shots with other “Supernatural” cast members past and present and with his wife.  He announced through his personal twitter that he and Genevive are expecting their first child, a boy, in March of 2012.
Jim Beaver: @jumblejim
Beaver posts old movie recommendations, updates on his personal life, and messages dictated by his young daughter Maddie who he has raised as a single father since the death of his wife Cecily 8 years ago from lung cancer.
Misha Collins: @mishacollins
Misha posts strange and bazaar things that may not make much sense. He does not talk about “Supernatural” or, if he does, he refers to it as “a reality series about two brothers who hunt elves”.  A good example of how Misha tweets: When Jared Padalecki announced his wife’s pregnancy Collins tweeted back saying the child would be a new species, half human and half moose (Padalecki’s nickname is “Moose” due to his incredible 6’7″ height) and added “I just hope the antlers don’t snag on the way out”.
Cliff Kosterman: @bodyguard4jandj
Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki’s bodyguard since season 2, Cliff posts about his daily life, be it on set or on vacation. He promotes any awards poll the duo is up for, and talks about his decision that the fans are not fans, but rather family.
Mark Sheppard (Crowley): @mark_sheppard
Sheppard posts mostly replies to the fans or short messages. He is relatively inactive on twitter as far as posting his own messages, but he does retweet messages and posts pictures rarely.
Sebastian Roche (Balthazar): @sebroche
Previously he tweeted pictures from behind the scenes of “Supernatural”, but now Roche tweets pictures from his personal  life and updates fans on what he is doing.
Richard Speight, Jr. (The Trickster/Gabriel): @dicksp8jr
Speight, Jr. posts funny tweets to other actors, many of them from “Supernatural”. Most of his tweets are directed at someone or in reply to tweets sent to him.
Matt Cohen (Young John Winchester): @mattcohen4real
Cohen posts many messages to Supernatural fans and keeps them updated on what he is doing. He also posts humorous pictures and replies to messages sent to him by fans.
Rob Benedict (The Prophet Chuck): @robbenedict
Benedict also posts messages to fans or updates on his band. He also tweets to Speight, Jr, Mark Sheppard, and Matt Cohen.
Danneel Ackles: @DanneelHarris
Though she has never been in “Supernatural”, Danneel tweets often in reply to the fans. She posts pictures with her husband Jensen Ackles and often posts reminding fans of the various fake twitter accounts claiming to be her husband. Danneel, Cliff, and Jim Beaver have repeatedly said that Jensen Ackles does not want a twitter and probably never will make one.


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