Explaining the Reviews

You’ll notice that nearly everything I review has ties to “Supernatural” in some way. I just wanted to take a moment and explain, since I got a comment in my inbox about that.

From August 2010 to very late June 2011 I lived and studied in South Korea. I didn’t watch much TV there, because to watch English TV I’d have to watch it on my computer and the internet in my dorm building was just too bad.

Since coming back I haven’t really watched much, and didn’t really have any interest in what is on TV. I only recently started watching American TV again, and for recommendations (since my taste is a bit unique) I went to IMDB to see shows or movies that at least have actors in them I like.

So just be patient, I’m still adjusting. I know, it’s been 5 months since I got back, but except for the first two of those the rest all take place at University, where I go back to not watching much TV, and at least a month and some change of the extra time was spent scrambling trying to watch 6 seasons of “Supernatural” before the 7th started.


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