Friends With Benefits (The Series)

Five friends are all looking for the loves of their lives, but settle for less in the meantime.

Plot Rating: 1/5
*assume facepalm position* oy~

I’ve never seen the movie “Friends With Benefits”, so I can’t say if it is just like that or not. The show is, like the title suggests, about a group of good friends (at least two of whom are shagging each other). It is a self-contained sitcom, so each episode is standalone and you can really watch them in any order, there is no significant overarching storyline.

I’ve been thinking of how to review this one for a long time. It’s terrible, that’s for sure, but you can get some cheap laughs out every now and then (like 3 or 4 times series wide). The issue I have with the show, and it’s a pretty big issue, is that the writing is just horrible (trust me, I’m putting it nicely).

Scenes change direction abruptly, stories begin and end within seconds, all in all it feels like someone took two-line conversations they thought would be funny and slammed them all together. There really isn’t anything else to say, it’s just amazingly bad writing.

I expected WAY more from NBC. Honestly, it stuns me that the show was allowed to run a whole season.

Acting Score: *headache position*/5
I can’t even come up with a score for the actors because the writing is SO BAD. Scenes change so fast even the best actor in the history of actors wouldn’t be able to handle the transitions. To review acting I guess the best thing I can do is to rate how best they managed to adapt themselves to the writing…

Here's a perk- the cute dude from "Dollhouse" made an appearance!

Danneel Ackles,  Andre Holland and Jessica Lucas I have seen in other things, and I fully recognize them as good actors. Ackles does a better job on the slower paced scenes and any area really where she can take time to actually portray more serious emotions (which, unfortunately, is rare with the whack-a-doodle writing). Holland and Lucas handle the more outlandish stuff and can make a semblance of comedy out of the mess. Again though, whack-a-doodle writing makes Holland’s character hard to follow, the writers didn’t set a strict emotional sticking point for him and he kind of feels like two characters smashed together.

Zach Cregger and Ryan Hansen I am not familiar with. I am trying to get through “Friday the 13th” with Hansen in it, but I’ve only gotten far enough that I recognize it’s him (I don’t do well with slasher flicks like that…) and Cregger I’ve never seen before. I’d like to see them in a show where the writers take their meds, then I’ll decide if I like them. I’m leaning towards “like” though. Hansen’s character Ben is written as if he were around 22, but the character age seems to be in his 30s. It makes for some eye-rolling scenes.

I wish I could clearly rate the acting, but I have to base it all off of tiny bits I’ve noticed in scenes and previous appearances the actors have made to even get close. If the writing were clearer I would be able to, but it is just not possible with what I’m seeing (or, since it’s a problem with writing, I guess I should say “hearing”). But I won’t have the chance, because the show was canceled (and hopefully the writers were blacklisted).

It's called "Friends With Benefits", if you're supprised by the adult content then there is little hope for you...

Age Rating: 15+
You can tell from the title there is sex, so don’t act surprised by the more adult content. There isn’t significant nudity (well, when there is any nudity the bits are covered), but there is significant sexual content and sex scenes. I’d recommend 15 as the minimum viewing age.

Fun Trivia

None! If I don’t know fun trivia off the top of my head then I just look it up on IMDB, but… nope, none… Um… If I had to scrape some up I guess I could say this is Danneel Harris’ first credit as Danneel Ackles (she married “Supernatural” star Jensen Ackles in May 2010). There, now you have interesting facts to share with your friends.



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