Ten Inch Hero

Four quirky young friends — led by Piper, who is searching for the daughter she had to give up for adoption — share touching moments and laughter about their personal struggles as they work at a small sandwich shop in Santa Cruz, Calif.

Plot: 2/5
Yeah, we’re going to have to elaborate on that Netflix plot description just a bit. One of the big things “Ten Inch Hero” loses points for in my book is how sectioned the story is. You do have the plot of Piper looking for her daughter, but that’s not really what is going on. Piper has FOUND her daughter, she just wants to see her from afar to know she is alright. As she becomes more ingrained in her daughter Julia’s life she shares troubles and gets advice from her friends at the sandwich shop.

Tish (Left) gives Jen (Right) advice on her online boyfriend

Trucker runs the shop. He’s a hippie in love with the woman across the street who his employees believe is a wiccan or a witch, but a good one. Priestly, the cook, is a “Renaissance Man”. He had many tattoos and piercings, and also changes his hair color and style often. He is madly in love with Tish, the free-spirit who is, to put it lightly, rather loose. Despite his sincerity Tish never really notices Priestly in any romantic sense, but that hasn’t stopped him from trying to prove he is better than the jerks she goes out with.

Piper (Elizabeth Harnois) and Priestly (Jensen Ackles)

The other relatively big storyline is that of Jen. She is comparatively plain in the appearance department, but she is very kind. She feeds the homeless and treats everyone with respect. In her life is an internet penpal who she has fallen in love with. Her story revolves around the decision to either meet or avoid her online love.

On it’s own I would have only docked a single plot point for the segmented story, they do mesh well together, it just has a more TV-Show feel than a film. The other two points off are for the ending. I won’t give anything away, but let’s just say the writers just about give you a textbook definition of “Deus Ex Machina”, an old Roman and Greek play trick when a God would suddenly appear in the story and set everything right all of the sudden. There isn’t a God who descends into the story and fixes everything, but the conclusion of each persons storyline leads a lot to be desired. It goes from story climax to all tied up in a pretty little bow within about 5 minutes.

Despite all this it should be noted that I’ve seen the movie 3 times, so obviously something keeps drawing me back.

Privacy means nothing at this sandwich shop, if you use the phone all employees have a right to listen in

Acting Score: 4/5
I’m taking off points for John Doe (Trucker), but I’m not exactly confident about that. A big part of me wonders if that was just bad writing. There aren’t a whole lot of scenes with Trucker as an emotional character, most of his work is in the end, wrapping up his storyline, and you know how I feel about the endings…

Tish is friends with everyone at the sandwich shop and treats them all like family

Otherwise though It’s definitely and without a doubt an A+ cast. Piper is played by Elizabeth Harnois, who I’ve been a fan of since I saw her work on “Boy Meets World”. Clea DuVall (Jen) is one of my favorite horror actresses and it was very nice to see her take on a softer and more emotionally-driven role. Priestly is played by Jensen Ackles, and any of you who have seen my “Supernatural” ratings know he’s a favorite of mine. Here you see a much stronger comedic side than I’ve seen in his other work, and he pulls off the character perfectly. Finally, this was my first time seeing Danneel Harris (Tish), and I was happy with her work. Her character is sexy, funny and emotional in different phases, but she pulls off each very well. I look forward to seeing more of her work.

Jensen Ackles may have faced down Lucifer himself on "Supernatural", but being sent to restock the shop's tampon supply may prove to be too much.

Age Rating: 15+
This was kind of difficult to pin down. Overall the story is pretty easy- some language, but mostly harmless. The raise in the rating is due to a couple of adult scenes with Tish and her boyfriend. Her storyline leans towards R, but any scene where she’s not with her guy is PG.  It’s just two really short scenes, so parents can just hit mute and tell their kids to turn away for a few seconds if they are worried.

Fun Trivia
I had to hit IMDB for this, but most of the trivia deals with two specific cast members: Jensen Ackles (Priestly) and Danneel Harris (Tish) were longtime friends before filming this movie, but neither knew the other was cast until the first day of filming. Ackles and Harris followed in their character’s footsteps and began to date shortly after filming ended and were married nearly three years later in May of 2010.


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