Nikita- Season 1

Nikita is a trained assassin gone rogue trying to stop a secret U.S. agency known only as Division from recruiting deeply troubled teenagers and training them to be assassins.

Plot Rating: 4/5
Think 5% “Dark Angel” and 95% “Dollhouse”. Nikita is a woman who was trained by a secret organization called “Division” as a spy and assassin. When she fell in love with a civilian her boyfriend was killed and she was set for an assassination of her own. Now, years later, she is going after Division and all their top agents.

Working with Nikita is Alex, a young girl who was sold into the sex trafficking circuit as a teen. A new recruit at Division, Alex provides Nikita with intellegence from the inside and tips on Division’s latest missions so that she can interfere.

Running point against Nikita is Michael, the Division agent who was supposed to kill her. He moves back and forth in his stance, you cannot tell most of the time if he will be a good guy or a bad guy.

Nikita's assistant Alex trains inside Division

I took a point off just because the show does feel so familiar. It’s no new plot, but I was very fond of season 1 of “Dollhouse”, so this is kind of like it’s been brought back. “Nikita” has some great writing, and  the individual episodes are fantastic, don’t get me wrong, it’s just the base plot that lost it points. There is something to be said in its favor though: since the story feels so familiar it doesn’t need much in the way of set-ups. I know “Nikita” is based off an older story, but the writing still feels too close to the same style.

Acting Score: 5/5
I was a bit hesitant the first episode with Maggie Q (Nikita), I’ll be honest, some of her lines were very cliche and even a little cringe-worthy, but I blame it on the writing. Shane West is one of those on my “Underappreciated Actors” list, and he delivers an absolutely terrific performance. You cannot tell if you are supposed to hate him or like him for most of the season. Lyndsy Fonesca plays Alex, and she delivers a perfectly rounded performance. She handles highly emotional scenes and action scenes equally well.

A lot can be said about the supporting cast and even extras. There are no weak performances and it all helps immensely to build up the organization of Division and their clients.

Nikita's slightly-less-than-a-sworn-enemy Michael

Age Rating: 13+
As you can tell from the plot description this is a violent show, so if you are a parent and are worried about that kind of thing then up the rating to 15. Take into consideration though that a lot of what you see is implied rather than explicitly shown. Yes you see people shot, but you don’t see pieces of their faces flying off. Yes you see people beaten, but not much blood is flying around. In the violence department it’s pretty PG-13, but more on the conservative side. There is also some minor language, but not enough to effect the rating.

Fun Trivia
IMDB couldn’t help me here *sadface*, so I’ll have to leave you hanging without any interesting tidbits.


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