Books That Would Make Great Movies: New Segment!

One of the reasons I haven’t been posting is that I really haven’t been watching anything, I’ve been reading. I found some real gems, so I thought I’d start sharing those with you in this new segment for the page!

A class set I took in my final year of University was “Scriptwriting” and “Advanced Feature Writing”, so I’ve been reading everything  with that eye for what would make a great movie (if it were adapted right, don’t pull an “Eragon”). If you’d like to learn more about scriptwriting, you can visit my tumblr page:

It’s got all sorts of tips and tricks for how to write a screenplay, and as soon as I get around to re-reading it, we’ll be working on an example script: fixing “Eragon”.

But anyways, I hope you all enjoy the new segment and we’ll get started right away! Each one will feature a single book or series, an overview of what the book is about, and the themes of the book and how I think it might translate into film! I’ll also be posting the usual show and movie reviews here, but adding the book segment gives me something to post when I’m not watching TV.


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